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Herramientas de formado

Herramientas de formados estándar fabricados en sede.

For customized applications we also take care of the drawing and construction of the tools.

Herramientas de formados, material adecuado:

  • HSS (typical)
  • Alternative materials for increased service life

Recubrimiento para usos diversos:

  • For reduced friction / gentle on the workpiece surface
  • Forming of workpieces with hard surface, glass reinforced plastic, etc.

Diámetros de herramienta disponibles:

  • 8 mm for multi riveting head MRX 2 and MRX 3
  • 10 mm for RNE/RN 081-231, SNE/SN 170-220
  • 14 mm for RNE/RN 280-380
  • 20 mm for RNE/RN 281-431, SNE/SN 270, ENE/EN 20-35manillar la S de colores cesta 13 brompton para de bicicleta bolsa
  • 30 mm for RNE 481
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